AquilaOS is a UNIX-like operating system and many features of typical UNIX systems are included


AquilaOS kernel is monolithic

  • supports multitasking and multithreading
  • sessions, process groups and job control
  • virtual filesystem (vfs)
  • devices subsystem (kdev) using major/minor numbers
  • memory managment subsystem (with COW and allocate on demand)

Supported filesystems

initramfs, tmpfs, devfs, devpts, procfs, ext2

Supported devices

i8042 (PS/2 controller), i8253/i8254 PIT, HPET, i8259 (PIC), fbdev (VESA 3.0), pty, 8250 (UART), PS/2 Keyboard, ATA


System consists of aquila specific parts and 3rd part utilities


Aquila Box (like busybox) with the following commands cat, clear, echo, env, login, ls, mkdir, mknod, mount, ps, pwd, sh, stat, uname, unlink


Framebuffer based terminal with wallpaper, transparency and Tinyfont support

3rd party utils.

tcc (Tiny C Compiler), lua, kilo (Text editor), simplex (programming language)