Hello mmap!

The moment I have been avoiding for way too long. Finally we have a very very modest implementation of POSIX mmap, currently we only support MAP_FIXED and only VESA fbdev implements mmap, but it’s a good start. [Read More]

Playing with NuklearUI

About a month ago, I posted about using Nuklear GUI library in AquilaOS. We also have a video of NuklearUI with custom font, images and wallpaper. I have been trying to wrap my head around the code, understanding exactly how Nuklear works and how to convert it to client/server model... [Read More]

Memory Management System Redesign

I won’t lie, memory management is the most frustrating thing in OS design for me. It takes the most time and debugging it is nevertheless exhausting. I have, however, redesigned it to be more generic than before and relax much more arch. dependent code. [Read More]

Nuklear based GUI

I have been looking into various options of GUI/Windowing systems to implement in AquilaOS and here is what I found so far [Read More]

First post!

This is my first post, how exciting!